ActualMed in Apte Techno magazine

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Apte Techno Journal of the Association of Sciencies and Tecnologys of Spain publishes in its innovation section an article about the service of digital medical images that ActualMed has been developing.

This innovative system allows hospitals and radiological centers to reduce costs and manage medical images in a more efficient, ecological and economical way than existing systems, it also allows remote access to medical reports from anywhere in the world.

“Advances in the speed of Internet access from end users has allowed us to develop a service like this,” declared Rafael Forcada, Technical Director of ActualMed. All information is transferred over the Internet using secure channels and archived in a encrypted procedure. Any access is being monitored, controlled and recorded to accomplish with current legislation.
The project has won several awards, the most recent has been the nationwide ActualMed Bancaja Prize Young Entrepreneurs

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