Online delivery of studies and reports

without physical media

Actualpacs Center

Actualpacs Patient Portal is the radiology platform that give instantly online access to patients and referring physicians to their reports and studies.

Centers advantages

  • Online patient access avoiding second appointments
  • Referring physicians can access to the studies and reports in a faster and easy way
  • Get rid of x-ray films, digital printing and CD saving physical media
  • Storage of studies and reports unlimited and scalable, without infrastructure or investment

Actualpacs Patient Portal Characteristics

  • Download studies and reports from the web
  • Automatic and manually assignments on patients and referring physicians
  • Web portal and patient cards with corporate identity
  • Send automatically images and reports to referring centers
  • Use Actualpacs Center as a second PACS or back-up PACS to fulfill the current regulations
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Visor de Actualpacs
  • Scalable system with no storage limit
  • Save space in file archiving of physical media
  • Email notifications about system availability
  • Encrypted secure communications
  • Lossless compression
  • Compatible with all browsers and operating systems
  • Compatible with Actualpacs for radiologists
  • Compatible with all PACS and HIS/RIS systems
  • Detailed statistics
  • Monitoring systems
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