Obtain the highests profit of your radiology center

Actualpacs telerad

Actuyalpacs Telerad is the radiology platform that uses the last technologic innovations to manage your teleradiology company


  • Assign automatically or manually studies to radiologists with the coordinator role
  • Alert system by reporting exceeded time
  • Own radiology status for pending studies: delayed, reprogrammed, rejected
  • Detailed statistics showed separately by radiologist and radiology center
  • Cost and invoicing management by center and radiologist
  • Second opinions from radiologists of the same center

Actuyalpacs Telerad Characteristics

  • Second opinions from radiologists of the same center
  • Don't waste your time typing data! Use voice recognition software in real time
  • Three powerful online DICOM viewers available: light, heavy and HTML5
  • Receive studies automatically from any imaging centers
  • Instant access to studies and reports anytime, anywhere. Medical data can be viewed from any platform: computers, tablets and smartphones
Estudios del Pacs
Visor de Actualpacs
  • Customizable texts and templates
  • Color code system for records depending on status (pending, draft, informed, checked)
  • Possibility of using keyboard shortcuts to increase speed
  • Create and export reports as PDF files
  • Send reports automatically by email
  • Automatic file uploading
  • Detailed statistics showed separately by radiology center.
  • Compatible with Actualpacs Center
  • Support all DICOM viewers and operating systems
  • Compatible with all PACS and HIS/RIS systems
  • File encryption and compression withoud loss, JPEGLossless
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