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We joined Mírame #diferencia_te because ActualMed believes these initiatives can improve the quality of people. We work in the field of health and trust in the power of social networks to spread such ideas. We share these values and see communication as essential in the relationship with the patient. To learn more This idea is very extensive and the group of people (health professionals, nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, economists, pediatricians, journalists and computer techinicians among many others) who defend it and among them is ActualMed. #Diferenciaté was born on 12 december of 2011, a project born in social networks which advocates “back to the past” and “enhance non-verbal communication” in the medical consultation. The members of this iniciative want to give more than requiered by their work: look, smile and touch patients. Internet was the vehicle that made it possible and thanks to the collaboration of many individuals and health professionals “hooked” on social networks. They spread the word and now there are a million and half users on this website. Such has been the impact of this iniciative that even the British Medical Journal wrote a section to discuss the iniciative. Now, #Diferenciate want to break the virtual world (facebook, twitter, flickr and youtube) and to spread the message in workplaces like hospitals, health centers and so on. The goal is to reach the people and make down the message to evalue the small gestures of everyday life that can improve the quality of healthcare. ActualMed thanks and congratulates them and we join these small gestures. Well done!