Committed to the Environment

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Our system allows hospitals and imaging centers to manage medical images in a much more environmentally friendly than existing systems.


Simply stop printing. And we bet on teleradiology to reduce costs and leverage existing resources. Currently most hospitals working with digital medical imaging performed scanning process with an excess of resources dedicated to maintaining the local infrastructure of the center, and a high cost of implementing the system and renewal of aging infrastructure.

ActualMed committed to the centralization of these services in an adequate infrastructure, complying with availability requirements, safety, speed and efficiency of access makes it possible to reduce costs and optimize the resources dedicated especially significant for the care of the environment.

Medical Imaging

The medical image management has evolved significantly in recent years from print radiology films and CT and MRI in a physical medium highly polluting and expensive to implement archiving systems known as PACS medical imaging and stations working image display (DICOM Workstation).

The next-generation imaging systems through the use of technology based on free software and Apple hardware, aim to provide innovative technology solutions, committed to the environment and based on technical-scientific knowledge.