Actualmed in the Valencian Global

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Valencian Global is a project designed to grow new, innovative companies with great potential- ActualMed being one of only 11 companies selected. This program puts companies from the Valencianan Community in touch with Boston’s innovative system, positioning the Valencian Community as one of the preferred destinations for investors and international business -making it an example of the sucess from the creation of a global business culture, innovation, and the generation of high quality positions.

Valencian Global began September 24th is organized by Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ventures. It tries to emulate Boston’s innovative system,  the 128 Route, which contains the most innovative companies that have access to excellent centers like MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology), ranking eleventh in the world economy by generating more than 3 million top quality jobs.

According to the general director of Business Innovation, José Vicente Pons, ActualMed and Advanced Wireless Dynamics (both companies of  espaitec) “have been selected for various reasons: a team of ambitious workers, a market niche worth 400M €, commercialized products and a market with good growth potential. During the next few months a expert group of leaders will guide the companies to speed up their growth”. His emphasis on the program is “it brings a very innovative support method to entrepreneurship based on the selection of the ambitious staff that creates the innovative business, helping to globalize them and with hard work they have had success in various regions of the world. During these next few months we’re going to to transform the business model of these eleven selected compenies to speed up their gowth- thanks to the help of an international team that has helped 200 start ups around the world”
Source: Espaitec