Valencian Global Growth Program looking for sponsors

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“More than 40 means of communication have echoed the start of the Valencian Global Growth Program and are following closely the evolution of the program and the businesses participating”

The finding of sponsors adds to the program, organized by  Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ventures and funded by the government through the IVF (or Valencian Institute of Finance), which has provided € 2 million to finance development plans to be undertaken by selected companies. The support system for entrepreneurship and innovation first developed in Spain, is based on a model from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an international leader in this area, and aims to help boost the economy in the Valencian Community. For more information on sponsorship arrangement, contact: Actualmed


This program seeks to emulate the Boston innovation model, epitomized in Route 128, where the most innovative companies are located with access to highly respected centers like MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology) that represents the eleventh global economy and has generated more than 3 million highly skilled jobs. It is an initiative that aims to promote businesses in the growing stages that are very innovative through an intensive, specialized period of training taught by an MIT Entrepreneurship team of Kenneth Morse, William K. Aulet, Jacques Talbot y Laura Baker Morse, combined with a program to support the management and implementation of growth measurements. Both the local and international experts have the task of supporting the entrepreneur in negotiations, trade, and financial actions such as contract negotiation, business mergers and acquisitions, management or partner selection and financial strategy. The selected companies, among which is  Actualmed, will attend the Boston program to participate with executives from around the world in an  Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP). It is a seminar organized by MIT, which is considered to be one of the world’s best entrepreneurship universities. Subsequently there will be various activities taking place to present cases and results that were obtained from this program, where sponsors will be present. More information at:  Actualmed